[thelist] URI or URL, which is more correct?

Rodrigo Galindez rodrigo at cedha.org.ar
Fri Feb 27 17:26:20 CST 2004

   A URI (Uniform Resource Indicator) includes both the URL (Uniform 
Resource Locators) and URN (Uniform Resource Name).
Tony Crockford wrote:

> I've been trying to unravel the difference and have found lots of 
> conflicting opinions.
> would it be fair to say that what we know as a URL 
> (http://www.example.com/index.htm) is a URI and that the acronym URL 
> is being replaced by the acronym URI
> or is there room for both and if so can someone give me examples of 
> when a URI is a URL or vice versa.
> Tony

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