[thelist] server speed issue - hosted sites loading slowly

Andrew Seguin asegu_evolt at borgtech.ca
Sat Feb 28 22:57:19 CST 2004

A few quick ideas:

First note: 128kbps on dsl: my own web server(used to host only web-based
email at the moment) is on an 800kbps ADSL connection (upload speed test
results), and I still am often unsatisfied... response time is just not as
fast as could be with real hosting.

Second: telnet based testing:
speed for the actual page seems rather good.. but then surprisingly same
goes for the immage of your main logo. Response time wasn't super (nearing
on 1 second maybe), but speed seemed ok. This represents single
connections though.

You mentioned that you are running windows (and from the headers sent
back: IIS5.0 - windows 2000)... but are you running your web server on
windows 2000 server or pro? IIS on win2k pro limits the number of
concurrent connections(from memory to 10) which might be why the immages
load very slowly.. if IE is waiting after your server to actualy respond,
and that because your webserver is waiting to finnish processing first.

If it is win2k server, I have little idea what the problem is.. I would
start by double checking ISAPI filters(if any) to see if one or more slow
down the website enourmousely, the server's event log to see if there is
any errors occuring slowing down response time, etc...

If you are running windows 2000 pro.... I would think there could be your
problem. In which case, while linux&apache might be out of the question,
apache on windows might be the way to go to not have the connection

hope that helps,

ps: for IIS specific help you can try the IIS mailing lists administered
by Brett Hill which can be found at http://www.iislists.com/

ps: be careful about your mail server. Some emails servers will get you
black listed/filtered as spam for hosting an email server on what seems to
be a dynamic IP from first glance and with reverse DNS not giving the
proper domain (ie: spinhead.com >> IP, IP >> ....dsl.dhcp.surewest.net).
Also note that http://rbls.org/?q= shows that you have been
black listed as a possible open relay (see:
http://dsbl.org/message?id=6975431), You may wish to try to have yourself
removed, as a quick test:
  250 2.1.0 asegu at borgtech.ca....Sender OK
  550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for asegu at borg.darktech.org
  550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for asegu at borgtech.ca
which shows ok.

> All my sites seem to be loading *real* slow. Server's a 2.4 gig
> processor with a gig of RAM, on a 128k DSL line (that's the upload
> speed, recently tested) and the drive is nice and clean. But all the
> graphics load dog slow. I took one and shrunk the images to unusable
> thin-ness, and it didn't seem to have any effect at all.
> zamples:
> http://psychedelicdaddy.com/
> http://spinhead.com/
> http://joelthewebguy.com/
> Any IIS/Windows gurus have any ideas? (note: the tip "switch to Apache
> on Linux" won't be especially helpful at the moment ;)
> joel
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