[thelist] Thought I'd try making a site with CSS... and this is what I got (>_<)

Christian Anderson christian at photokyo.com
Sun Feb 29 04:44:27 CST 2004

Hi Everyone,

Until now I’ve been making my website with tables and have had pretty much
good results with most browsers etc. Today I decided that I would make my
next site just using CSS. As I banged away at the keyboard using TopStyle
lite, and watching the results in IE, I was quite pleased with what I had
come up with so far. Remember, I’ve never used CSS before so this is my
first crack at it.

So I go upload the prototype to the web to begin some database connections
and decide to check it out with firefox

That’s when things went crazy. How can a site look so different between 2
browsers? Is it a combination of IE not being standards compliant, and
TopStyle giving me tags that only look pretty in IE?

Anyway, take a look a this (sorry for the nasty URL, I just purchased the
domain name 30 mins ago and there is no way its resolved yet).


World of difference isn’t there? Seeing this makes me want to just trash all
the CSS that I tinkered with this morning and go back to tables.

Any advice?

Christian Anderson
Niseko Hirafu, Hokkaido, Japan

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