[thelist] Thought I'd try making a site with CSS... and this is what I got (>_<)

Shawn K. Quinn skquinn at xevious.kicks-ass.net
Sun Feb 29 16:37:43 CST 2004

On Sunday 2004 February 29 04:44, Christian Anderson wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Until now I’ve been making my website with tables and have had pretty
> much good results with most browsers etc. Today I decided that I
> would make my next site just using CSS. As I banged away at the
> keyboard using TopStyle lite, and watching the results in IE, I was
> quite pleased with what I had come up with so far. Remember, I’ve
> never used CSS before so this is my first crack at it.
> So I go upload the prototype to the web to begin some database
> connections and decide to check it out with firefox

> That’s when things went crazy. How can a site look so different
> between 2 browsers? Is it a combination of IE not being standards
> compliant, and TopStyle giving me tags that only look pretty in IE?
> Anyway, take a look a this (sorry for the nasty URL, I just purchased
> the domain name 30 mins ago and there is no way its resolved yet).
> http://d6204322.u40.tokios.com/index.html
> World of difference isn’t there? Seeing this makes me want to just
> trash all the CSS that I tinkered with this morning and go back to
> tables.

The problem as best as I can see is that whatever made the style sheet 
put way too many things in px units, as well as static positioning (I 
get a scrollbar but it is useless). It's a particularly bad idea to put 
font-size in px units.

In short, you can't make guesses on how tall or how short certain 
elements will be; this is something that will vary widely even among 
users using the same browser.

Shawn K. Quinn

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