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Javed Alam jalam at cc.ysu.edu
Sun Feb 29 21:49:29 CST 2004

I am learning the Java servelet framework to develop JAVA based web 

There are many webhosting companies, those provide web hosting  for 
php/mysql etc at relatively inexpensive price. However, servlet hosting 
is a much more expensive proposition. I went with a User Mode Linux web 
hosting service because it provided a virtual debian based linux server 
where I can practically do anything as if I own my own dedicated host ( 
64 meg real memory, 2500meg HD and 20G data transfer/month) for 
$20/month. It worked out OK for the HD space and the Data Transfer, 
however, I am running up against the brick wall of the memory. I wanted 
to try Laszlosystem ( http://www.laszlosystems.com/ ) presentation 
server. it requires 250meg ram to run some of the examples that come 
with the application.

I am looking at getting dedicated hosting server and here are the three 
services that seems to provide a cost effective solution:


The cost varies from $30/month to $50/month for a dedicated server. I 
was wondering if somebody from the list had any experience in dealing 
with these web hosting companies. I would be interested in knowing about 
their customer support if something goes wrong. My present web hosting 
server with UML is excellent. So far they only had one failure that 
lasted for few hours. It is the cost for service that goes up 
exponentially if I ask for more memory.



Brett Stinson wrote:

>  I was with them for a couple of years.  The service and support was great,
>but I decided
>to leave when I found another host that gave me the capability to be a
>reseller and offered
>much more for the money than readyhost.  When Readyhost brought out CF MX
>and .Net, they
>double the price to get on one of the new servers.  My new host supports CF
>MX and .Net on
>all of their servers at no extra charge.
>So... in answer to your question.... Readyhost is good, however not as
>flexible as some, and
>their support is also top notch.
>Another one you may want to consider (especially if interested in reseller)
>is www.jodohost.com
>Good Luck,
>Brett Stinson
>bstinson at programmer.net <mailto:bstinson at programmer.net>
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>Hey all
>Has anyone had any experience with ReadyHosting as a ColdFusion host? I'm
>currently hosting my web site at CFDynamics and I'm happy with them. But for
>my clients, the price seems a little steep for the restrictions and features
>that are available at each host. My knee-jerk reaction is just to go with
>ReadyHosting, but I want to make sure that it's not too good to be true.
>I had a bad experience with Infinology/ZeroSetup so I didn't mind paying a
>little more for the security and peace of mind. I want to make sure I won't
>sting my clients with a bad host.
>Any comments would be most welcome. Thanks.
>Minh Lee Goon
>digerati design studios
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