[thelist] [OT]: Anybody who knows what is going on at ithium.net?

Eveline e.vanhemel at pandora.be
Tue Mar 2 01:51:40 CST 2004

Hi List,

About a month ago I migrated my personal website to ithium.net, because Dan Williams (a fellow
listee), offered me some free webspace there.

For more than a week the site is down now. I googled to find out more, resulting in 1 result which
states: "I am sorry to say that a couple of hours ago, shortly before 9pm GMT, one of the ithium
servers was hacked. ...". I tried several things also sending a mail to Dan but that doesn't work

Anybody who knows more what is going on there?

<tip type="starting with php" author="Eveline Vanhemel">
I noticed lately that a lot of posts were from php newbies. Since I only started with php last year
september, I thought it would be a good idea to mention some resources which helped me quite a lot
to learn php (and mysql). The first thing to do is download the manual from php.net. You will find
anything you need there. Together with the php manual I bought a book written by Jay Greenspan and
Brad Bulger: MySQL/PHP Database Applications. A terrific book with about a quarter of theoretical
explanation. The rest are examples which are explained totally starting with simple scripts (e.g. a
guestbook) and going on to a full blown online shop.

personal website: http://www.evelinevanhemel.be

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