[thelist] Backing up MySQL

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Tue Mar 2 08:33:02 CST 2004

A good friend of mine wrote this one.


Not sure if it works on a Mac, but it is a real life/time/sanity saver on my
Linux server.


=> I'm wanting to automate the backing up of a MySQL database on my Mac.
=> I've written a shell script which basically does this.
=> mysqldump --user=$username --password=$password $dbname > 
=> $pathtobackup/$dbname.sql;
=> When I run it from the terminal, it all works fine. However 
=> If I make a 
=> cron job to run this script, a file gets output (so the cronjob is 
=> executing), but it's empty.
=> Any Ideas what the problem could be?

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