[thelist] Backing up MySQL

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Tue Mar 2 09:30:59 CST 2004

Mark Kennedy wrote:

>> When I run it from the terminal, it all works fine. However If I make 
>> a
>> cron job to run this script, a file gets output (so the cronjob is
>> executing), but it's empty.

> 2) What environment variables are set when the cron job is run -- they 
> might not
> be the same as the ones set when running from a terminal window.  I 
> don't
> *think* your ~/.profile or .bash_profile (or whatever) is sourced when 
> running a
> job on cron because I had similar problems a while back.

Thanks Mark. That's the ticket. I didn't actually have the path to 
mysql set.

Andy Budd


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