[thelist] Browser plug-in??

Dan Romanchik dan at danromanchik.com
Tue Mar 2 10:05:22 CST 2004

A client has asked me to write a program that will run on a PC in
conjunction with a web browser. Basically, what they want to do is send a
text file down to a PC via HTTP and have that program open up and then ask
the user if he'd like to print, save, or view the file (which is just plain
ASCII text). My thought is to have them give the file some oddball file
extension, then configure the browser to open downloaded files with this

What I want to know is if there is a tutorial somewhere that explains how to
write a program to do this. That is, how do I write the program so that the
browser hands off the data to this program?


Dan Romanchik - Web Developer
dan at danromanchik.com, 734-930-6564

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