[thelist] newest files script

Jennifer Zelazny web at calgb.org
Tue Mar 2 10:45:16 CST 2004

Hello.  I would like to show my web site users the newest files (that I 
have uploaded) on the front page of my web site so they know what files 
have recently been added.  I found a great script: 
http://www.czaries.net/scripts/dl/czarnewfile.phps but it only checks 
one directory files instead of my entire web directory.

The script:  Displays the most recently modified files in the directory 
of your choosing, and displays it in a nice box you can include 
anywhere on your website. It displays the rank, file name (with a link 
to the file), and date it was last modified. You can also limit how 
many files to display. Now allows you to limit file extensions (types) 
to include."

Does anyone know of a similar script, that would check all my web 
directories?  I would ultimately like a script that I can run nightly 
and then return the results in a page for the next day if there are any 
Thanks in advance.

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