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Mon May 3 02:57:27 CDT 2004

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> I'm trying to do something not too hard and have brain 
> freeze. I want a 
> list of photo captions in column A on the left, and when you click a 
> caption I want the photo to show up on the right.
> Here's an example of the layout I want, but I need a simple 
> way to do it. http://www.hebig.org/photos/26things/index.php?id=0

OK, so, what's wrong with what you have, besides the page flash and
reloading of pages for each image?

Maybe an array of image with text and label attached.

Code rips through array, pulls out "names" and lists them.

Hit a name and code then pull sout text and URL to image and sticks it
in predefined regions.

No flash

No page change.

Is that more of what your looking for?


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