[thelist] Photo layout

Kristof Neirynck kristof at f2o.org
Mon May 3 07:14:08 CDT 2004

Betsy wrote:
> I'm trying to do something not too hard and have brain freeze. I want a
> list of photo captions in column A on the left, and when you click a
> caption I want the photo to show up on the right.
Betsy wrote:
> Here's an example of the layout I want, but I need a simple way to do it.
> http://www.hebig.org/photos/26things/index.php?id=0

This seems like a possibility:

Basicly make the links reference the images in their href and hijack their
onclick event to load the href into the src of the img you want to change.

But honestly, you don't need to do this, your current page is more than
fast enough.


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