[thelist] Database Schema Suggestions

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Mon May 3 07:48:19 CDT 2004

Manuel González Noriega wrote:

> El lun, 03-05-2004 a las 12:58, Burhan Khalid escribió:
> Burhan, check this article
> http://www.sitepoint.com/article/1105

I went there, thanks.  There was even a link to a Evolt article at the 
end of that piece.

I'm trying to get my head around the adjacency list model, and the use 
of nested sets ... it seems that all that time in college when I was 
dozing off in Data Structures is coming to bite me.

I can't seem to understand all this left right notion in those tree 
layouts.  I understand how they are trying to number the system, but I 
don't understand how to figure out the tree for a decendant.

Also, I'm a bit confused when trying to figure out where to place a node 
(how to find a particular parent).

So far, I've realized that for each "main" category, I will need to 
create each one of these tables, so atleast I'm further along than I was 

Thanks again.

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