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>> I'm trying to do something not too hard and have brain 
>> freeze. I want a 
>> list of photo captions in column A on the left, and when you click a 
>> caption I want the photo to show up on the right.
>> Here's an example of the layout I want, but I need a simple 
>> way to do it. http://www.hebig.org/photos/26things/index.php?id=0
>OK, so, what's wrong with what you have, besides the page flash and
>reloading of pages for each image?
>Maybe an array of image with text and label attached.
>Code rips through array, pulls out "names" and lists them.
>Hit a name and code then pull sout text and URL to image and sticks it
>in predefined regions.
>No flash
>No page change.
>Is that more of what your looking for?

I guess it wasn't clear that the example is not my work - it's just somebody's page that I found that I thought was a clean, simple layout, that I can't figure out how to do.

What you said above sounds excellent, but I can't figure out how to do it.


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