[thelist] BUG: Broken Value Attribute for BUTTON Element in IE5+

James Aylard evolt at pixelwright.com
Mon May 3 12:04:45 CDT 2004

James Aylard wrote:

> The original Microsoft documentation circa IE 4 (and possibly IE 5, I
> can't recall for certain) reflected the behavior specified in the W3C
> HTML 4.01 recommendation. Subsequently, Microsoft altered its
> documentation to reflect actual behavior in IE, which has existed
> since IE 4.

    To correct and clarify my own post regarding the button element, the
Internet SDK for IE 5 states:

"When the BUTTON element is submitted in a form, Microsoft® Internet
Explorer 5 and later submits the VALUE attribute, if it exists. Otherwise,
the innerText property is submitted. In Internet Explorer 4.0, only the
innerText value is submitted."

    However, this documentation is incorrect for several reasons:

1. No version of IE (5 or otherwise) that I have tested submits the value
2. IE 4 submits nothing for the button element (value, innerText, or
3. IE 5 and above submit the innerHTML value, not the innerText value.

James Aylard

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