[thelist] Need some cross-browser propaganda links

Graham Leggett minfrin at sharp.fm
Mon May 3 16:28:44 CDT 2004

Earl Cooley wrote:

> I need to convince a potential customer that 
> it is a good thing to design web sites with 
> cross-browser compatibility in mind instead 
> of just designing for IE and forgetting about 
> the rest of the world. I don't want to start 
> a flame war, I just want some "bullet points" 
> that would be easily understood by the average 
> pointy-haired MBA. 

Point out that companies are willing to spend millions on marketing 
campaigns to increase their market share by 10%, yet web developers 
could not be bothered to spend the few extra hours it takes to design 
the site properly to be viewed by an extra 10% of people.

In support of the above, point out that professional setups like Yahoo, 
Amazon.com, CNN, etc work in all browsers - because these companies are 
in the business of communicating with customers, not browser evangelising.

I had the above conversation with a senior marketing manager at a major 
bank. He understood perfectly what I was on about, even though the 
bank's technical people had the attitude "we don't care". The marketing 
manager's will prevailed, and the problems with their website were fixed.

Also point out to them that you get IE v6.0, v5.5, v5.0, v4.5 and v4.0, 
and they all work differently. This neatly sidesteps the "who cares 
about browser brand X" problem.


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