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David T-G davidtg-thelist at justpickone.org
Tue May 4 06:48:12 CDT 2004

Andrew --

...and then Andrew Bayley said...
% Hi all


% I am running win2k pro with apache, mysql and php.  At the moment i am

There's your problem right there *wink*

% developing everything locally and then uploading it to our clients' servers
% as the work progresses.  This is primarily due to the appalling bandwidth we
% have.  The irritation factor is rapidly mounting, and I am desparate for a
% solution.     

Gah.  Been there.  It's painful!

% Does anybody know of a software package that allows me to synchronise work
% between two servers?  Something akin to an ftp package that allows for
% scheduled updates.

If you're only going in one direction, you could go with rsync, but I'd
go with unison since it can be dumbed down to be like rsync or can be
fully two-way intelligent.  The only place it has any problems is when
handling hundreds of thousands of files in a pass, but you probably
aren't coding quite that much output :-)  And someone on the unison list
just recently mentioned an alternate tool for that case (something I want
to try out, actually, as I look at backing up my systems, since unison
has shown itself unhappy with a 30G root to sync!).

% As this is comingfrom my pocket, not the bosses, something cheap or free
% would be great :-)  

Open source and free, naturally :-)

% Thanks 
% Andrew Bayley


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