[thelist] server synchronisation

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Tue May 4 07:12:07 CDT 2004

> % I am running win2k pro with apache, mysql and php.  At the moment
> i am
> % developing everything locally and then uploading it to our
> clients' servers
> % as the work progresses.  This is primarily due to the appalling
> bandwidth we
> % have.  The irritation factor is rapidly mounting, and I am
> desparate for a
> % solution.     

Well, this is a *good* thing actually, since you shouldn't develop on
production servers :D ... but anyhoo...

> % 
> % Does anybody know of a software package that allows me to
> synchronise work
> % between two servers?  Something akin to an ftp package that

how about something that uses ftp? --An old *nix sysadmin standby,
mirror. A perl program, it is veery flexible and powerful. I googled
for it, and here's something that looks reliable:

good luck--

(Also, if you happen to be using DreamWeaver, it has this
functionality built in)


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