[thelist] CMS Concerns

Chris Hayes chris at londonweb.net
Tue May 4 13:08:56 CDT 2004

Haven't done this with ASP, but the options are:

1) Restrict upload file size ( as mentioned) and give instructions on what
to and how to upload.
2) Allow large uploads and implement some image manipulation object on the
server so that the image that ends up on the page is properly dimensioned
and compressed.  You might then delete the original to save disk space.

I've have done 2)  with CF and it seems to be the most usable method.  The
user doesn't need to know much at all, or even realise that the rendered
image is not the original file.  There is an impact on CPU so I had to be
careful with availability.  Some instructions on the upload page are still
useful, explaining about file sizes and how it's better they resize and
compress the image before they upload.

I'm sure you can find a reasonable image manipulating object to register for
ASP, assuming you can install them on the production server.  In CF, the
good custom tags cost.

I still can't stop the users from uploading ugly images though ;)  I'll need
a Design Police  custom tag.. any ideas?

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> >you could either restrict the file size that may be uploaded (php has a
> >built in size limit, but you didn't say what language you're using?)
> I'm using ASP classic. I have however some code that could determine file
> sizes of files. I suppose I could stick that somewhere between the user
> clicking the upload button, and the actual uploading process. If it's too
> large, send a message to the user that the file size is too big.
> rob
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