[thelist] Hotlinking prevention

Paul Bennett paul at clicksave.co.nz
Tue May 4 20:13:38 CDT 2004

>I don't think this solution would work well for static sites as you've
>correctly pointed out.  
Well unless you process your static pages server side (rename files) and 
then simply include the config file and echo in the current image 
directory name. But then, that is a little like using a Lamborghini to 
do your shopping

>In this working example, I read in the same
>configuration file that the process generates to get the current folder
>name.  Then, this value is used when I generate the links to images.
><img src="/<%= hotlinking_current %>/myimage.jpg" />
>Clear as mud?
 I initially thought you were running this as some kind of process in 
IIS, rather than via server-side programming, hence my initial question. :)

>Joshua Olson
>Web Application Engineer
>WAE Tech Inc.

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