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Wed May 5 01:43:05 CDT 2004

Hi all,

The last thing I can find about managed/dedicated servers in
the list is from mid-1993, so I'd like some more recent
advice if possible.

One of my sites is a large and growing photo database
(currently 5000+ images) using gallery software. It also
uses the Amazon API. Google is not picking up the pages and
my current host cannot (will not) implement mod_rewrite
(it's the old "we use mod_rewrit for security and no we
haven't got any info on that story). 

I am actively considering going over to a dedicated server
but don't think I can afford to spend the large amount of
time I am told is necessary to administer it fully (ie
security updates, firewall etc). Consequently I am thinking
about a managed server (Linux). As this site is not yet
profitable I don't want to go overboard with the cash. I am
in Australia but my target market is largely in the States.

Any recommendations?

Tony Page  

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