[thelist] Coursebuilder drag and drop and scoring feedback

John Richardson john-richardson at ntlworld.com
Wed May 5 07:29:16 CDT 2004



I'm having a couple of problems with coursebuilder's drag and drop function
and scoring feedback, and wondered if anyone else has encountered the same
frustrations and managed to crack it.


Firstly, I'm trying to use the drag and drop without snapping to a target
area. I can't seem to find a way to avoid the 'snapping to' function. What I
want to happen is for the user to drag 12 elements onto 1 of 3 target areas
without snapping, so that they don't overlap each other. When the user is
happy that these are correct then they press submit to find out if they were
right or not. Everything works ok, except for avoiding the snapping to


Secondly, I'm trying to display feedback that says "Incorrect. You got ?
wrong". I can't get the code 'totalIncorrect' to display within the layer.
I've tried putting the code {GO1.totalincorrect+GO2.totalincorrect...}

etc. to display the number of incorrect answers on the page after the user
clicks on submit.


If anyone could shed some light on either or both of these questions I would
be extremely grateful. Thanks.

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