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Tony --

...and then evolt at zamba.com said...
% Hi all,


% The last thing I can find about managed/dedicated servers in
% the list is from mid-1993, so I'd like some more recent
% advice if possible.

Heh :-)

% One of my sites is a large and growing photo database
% (currently 5000+ images) using gallery software. It also
% uses the Amazon API. Google is not picking up the pages and
% my current host cannot (will not) implement mod_rewrite
% (it's the old "we use mod_rewrit for security and no we
% haven't got any info on that story). 


% I am actively considering going over to a dedicated server
% but don't think I can afford to spend the large amount of
% time I am told is necessary to administer it fully (ie
% security updates, firewall etc). Consequently I am thinking

If you really want to do it right you do, indeed, have to take a bit of
time on it.  Your value comes when you can do that same amount of work
for dozens of servers, which spreads the initial research and awareness
load across the pool.

% about a managed server (Linux). As this site is not yet
% profitable I don't want to go overboard with the cash. I am
% in Australia but my target market is largely in the States.

That means your server should probably be in the US, which gives you
plenty of room to look around.

% Any recommendations?

I host at DataPipe, where even their basic dedicated servers come with
free tech support and security updates.  [To them, a "managed server"
means you also pay for your own private Sys Admin who does the usual
security and admin work as well as anything else you please.]  I can't
recommend them highly enough; I've been entirely happy.

That said, though, I also host, and I wouldn't have to charge you for a
whole server :-)  Feel free to drop me a note off-list (or discuss it
on-list; it's not a matter of hiding, but of not boring others :-) to
discuss your requirements if you're interested.

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