Got enough, thanks! Was: Re: [thelist] Site Check in IE5win

Adrian Simmons adrinux at
Wed May 5 12:16:23 CDT 2004

Simon Perry wrote:

> AFAICT the index page is being hit by IE5.xs' broken box model resulting 
That one keeps biting me, had it sorted in IE5mac and IE6win, but looks 
like I have some work to do there.

> also the images are not clickable.
IE5mac had that problem too, made me resort to browser sniffing (bad) 
and sending IE5mac a transparent gif to be clicked (the images are in 
the background). That broke IE6, hence the sniffing.

> IE5.01 also has issue with your horizontal menu on the inner pages where 
> it helpfully ignores your formatting and merges everything into one word 
[scratchs head] Ok...looks like it's collapsing the borders, or 
something - I switched from display: block to display: inline on the 
list item links to fix problems in IE5mac. And I'm now having thoughts 
that IE5win won't give them margins and borders because of that.

Thanks also to Alan Wood for a screenshot and Sarah Sweeney for several :)

Sarah Sweeney wrote:
 > BTW, I really like the design, it's very clean and attractive.
I can't claim full responsibility for that, Jonathan (friend and client) 
being an architect, had a lot of input to give on the design. Had a few 
battles along the way, but I think we ended up with something we're both 
happy with.

Thanks again,


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