[thelist] How can i protect Web pages residing on remote Server IIS and Apache

Gakhar gukhar at hotmail.com
Tue May 4 09:07:26 CDT 2004

Hello Buddies..!

i am searching for help about securing (protecting Web pages and folders) on remote server, actually i had developed a website uploader now i want that users of uploader can use it to manage the users of their site while uploading or after uploading independent of server plateform(NT/Linux or IIS/Apache).

i have try .htaccess and .htpaswd these both works fine with Apache..but not with IIS...i can not change server side NTFS folder permissions if IIS is running on NT..

Please is there any alternative or equalient to .htaccess in IIS/NT...
need upgent help...

gukhar at hotmail.com


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