[thelist] Managed servers (was empty before, sorry, brain-dump)

evolt at zamba.com evolt at zamba.com
Wed May 5 22:02:19 CDT 2004

thelist-bounces at lists.evolt.org (Simon Perry)wrote:
> Tony,
> I have used the reseller service from clook.net for over a
year now
> and have been constantly impressed with their service.
They offer
> managed servers http://www.clook.net/services/servers.php
which I am
> currently thinking about as my largest client is rapidly
> their current hosting solution on another provider.
> On an aside some of your site is broken in Mozilla based
browsers, for
> instance in
> the left hand menu takes up over 100% of the screen width
at 1152
> x864. 
> Simon

Thanks for the info, Simon. BTW, I am using Moz 1.2.1 on
Linux and it was OK, and 1.6 on windows and it was OK, I
mean I did not get the result you got, although some of the
positioning was slightly off on the logo and css tabs. Can
you send me a screenshot offlist to show me what you got?
Are you on a mac?



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