[thelist] ms access website solution?

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu May 6 02:28:47 CDT 2004

From: <david.landy at somerfield.co.uk>
Subject: RE: [thelist] ms access website solution?

: >Jet OLEDB v3.51 Provider should be in the MDAC.
: Oh yes, quite right, I forgot about that! OLEDB is the
: same as ADODB, right? The only *slight* problem with
: this workaround AFAIR is that you have to re-code any
: recordset VB, as it's not the same as using ODBC, right?

ADO objects are a higher level abstraction of lower level OLEDB, or ODBC

You can program directly against the OLEDB objects if you want, but it's not
very user friendly.

ADO Object Reference:
(you should have this bookmarked - lots of great info)

OLEDB Reference:

: >you probably could have called PSS, and had them diagnose it for free.
: Didn't know I could do that - where would I have found the number to call?

http://support.microsoft.com <- click the "Contact Microsoft" link, and then
you need to locate your country.

: >The 10 connection limit is hard coded into desktop OSes
: Why?

Because Microsoft doesn't want people using a desktop OS as a server. So you
can use a Windows XP Pro machine to serve up to 10 file/print SMB
connections concurrently (which is fine in a small office type environment).
But once you start getting bigger networks, Microsoft wants you to buy a
server OS.


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