[thelist] gif/jpg to ascii art renderer needed

david.landy at somerfield.co.uk david.landy at somerfield.co.uk
Thu May 6 06:45:54 CDT 2004

AscGen http://go.to/ascgen is brilliant

eg this snail, from a clip art

                        iX at MMMZ@BZS:.                                   
                    .0MMr,   .;X  0;@MMMa                               
                  MMMX7rXB at 0;i   2,, : XMMM                             
                SM87rr      ,BMa   ,S.   i8MM                           
               MM:Si, 0M0,r    MM ;W,    .rrMM                          
              M at 07iMM   M S. ,:.M8 iM7  :ra8S7MS                  MMM   
             @@aM W Z2  0,7   iSBM  .M.  :;ZWBSMM                .MM    
             M8 MM  0r  B Xii;.  M8 .M..  .i ZW Ma               MWS    
7MMMMMMMMM8,MiM MWMM2   M ,  ,  ,M8 2X , ,,7.2Z  M              M M     
:MMM   SMMMMM:M   :i   M ,,..:  rM72WX7i.  ii2MM M0            M MM     
 W8MZ  S MMM0irMM:. 2MM ,r.  i:.2M     .    .aM2  M           M M:M     
  MMM :i 0MMM:7 7MMMM2  .    :i2MS:SZX;r,         M          r8M M      
   MMr aWM @M S       :ri   ;787MS,ir:::  ,  .2raMM          MM MM      
   .MM    Z M8X SXi .:i. SWMMarM;7i;:;SZB0SiMMMMM0Mr       MMM rM       
     MMM  X7MMM .:i;.i..i,   2Mi i                 M    MMMMM  MM@      
       @MM ,7.7 WMM2XSXXXi7MM   i at MMBZX            MMMBMW7 i      a27M@ 
       ;MMM  :7;@; MMMMMMMMWBMMMWaXa0 at WMB       MMMMi2X   7BMB X7; M    
        7MMMZ .   MB  MiSMMMMMMMMMZ77;0MMMS7rMMMMMM . 7Z7 2rMZ .   M    
         rMMMM  a.  WM   M  : MM  MMMMMMMMMMMMM.iM 8W8 at WWMi,  2MMM.iM8  
           B at MMM   SZ MZM   M  MrM   MMMW ,iM:ZMMM,ZM  8i@  7 at .  2MMaiMM
             W at MM@     XM at 2:  :  M7B MM MM,M,M i0 7;rMMM. rM2  iMMMMMMMM
               BMMMM  Z   MMW,S r  W W r MMMWM0WMMX087   M,i  MMMMBMB   
                  BMMM    M ;WBWM   2;@  0 iM  M   S  MM,    MMMM8B0    
                     BMMM   M  rS8B;M M M  :7X SBaaZM@ :2  MMMMBZBW     
                        8MMZ   M Z X, MX aXBZ0 ar W M     MMMWZ8M       
                           MMMMi   S. B  Z r 8  W r : ,MMMMZBBMX        
                             ;MMMM;   Z  M 7 Z, .  7MMMMWW at MM7          
                                 rMMMMM at S0    ,ZMMMMMM at MMM2             

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