[thelist] Web Development Methodology

Ken Chase raskenbo at fastmail.fm
Thu May 6 06:51:38 CDT 2004

Hi List.

I was wondering which resources (books, software, Web sites
) people
would recommend to help me improve my project management/planning skills. 

I've been developing sites for some time but do not use a formal
methodology. I would like to be more aware of guidelines with regards to:

- Gathering user/project/technical requirements
- Budgeting projects
- Planning the various stages of Web development
- Web site maintenance scheduling
- etc...

I currently “wing it” when it comes to these things using a spreadsheet
and what I perceive to be common sense. I feel like I need more

Please feel free to contact me off list. I will compile the results and
post them to the list.


BTW, I’m using Google but prefer human interaction/opinions on this

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