[thelist] Multiple web sites on IIS possible?

Leigh.DSylva at cas.gov.on.ca Leigh.DSylva at cas.gov.on.ca
Thu May 6 08:31:03 CDT 2004

Being a non-profit charity we are always at the trailing edge of
technology, therefore our intranet site is based on an NT4.0 server running
IIS4.0.  I was wondering if it is possible to host multiple sites on IIS
each with a different name that the user would type into their browser's
address bar. For example, we have one intranet at the moment which the
users connect to by default as their home page. I've been asked to create a
new "Wellness" web site but the powers-that-be would like it to appear as a
different web site and not as a subdirectory off our main intranet page. Is
this possible on IIS4.0?  Is so, could someone give a few details, please?


Leigh D'Sylva

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