[thelist] Javascript smartypants needed

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 09:00:51 CDT 2004

--- tony <tony at wildtribe.com.au> wrote:
> I need some javavscript or ASP code that simply allows me to
> redirect someone who visits my homepage, to a number of sequential 
> ASP files.
> ie - when someone arrives at my homepage (default.asp) page they
> are immediately redirected to default1.asp.And then the next viewer
> that comes to my default.asp homepage - is immediately sent to 
> default2.asp. And so on and so on.

I can't imagine, in the name of all that is usable, why you want to
do this. But I'm sure you can explain.

> This also means that if someone comes to my homepage - looks around
> the site
> and at some point returns to the homepage - he/she also sees a new
> homepage.

You'd have to write a cookie at least then, to know if the user came
back and hit the page.

> As as aside - is there any problem associated with having a script
> similar to the above on my homepage and Search Engine Robots - I 
> thought I may have read somewhere in the distant haze that using 
> redirects on a homepage may be asking for trouble.

You're asking for trouble. It depends on what kind of redirect too. A
301 (permanent) is better than a 302. At my job here, we do redirects
on our major ecom site and it totally borks our ratings with google.
We have a real good search engine company retained helping us out
with a new site and the guy couldn't stress enough how bad this was
for our rankings.

Maybe if you could elaborate on why you want to do such homepage
gymnastics, a solution can be suggested. I'm not sure what code to
even suggest as I'm unclear on what you are really trying to do.


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