[thelist] ASP devloped Locally

Norman Beresford n.beresford at anansi.co.uk
Fri May 7 05:04:42 CDT 2004

Hi Andrew

Sorry I've not read your earlier thread but to develop ASP locally
you'll need either:

Win98/win2k/winXP running IIS - IIS comes with all of them.  However
there are certain restrictions, mainly that you can't add third party
components or use CDO(NTS)

Win2k server/win2k3 running IIS - what you want really.

LAMP with Chillisoft installed - Third party implementation of ASP
(Sun), doesn't exactly match M$ ASP, but very close.

Or you could skip a generation and try .net.  All the M$ platforms will
support it bar win98 (I think).  And M$ offer a free IDE with a built in
webserver so you don't need to run IIS.



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Hi All 

Now that the Apache PHP na MySQL is up and running I want to add the
ability to develop ASP locally is there anything specific I need to know
or watch out for or I am up against limited resources to set this up due
to licencing MS products?


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