[thelist] JavaScript: lost reference to opener? (fixed with follow-up problem)

Tab Alleman Tab.Alleman at MetroGuide.com
Fri May 7 10:25:36 CDT 2004

Tab Alleman wrote:

Ok, duh, I needed ".location" in front of the ".reload()" 

One other nit-picky question:  Everytime I run this, the "Print..."
dialog box pops up.  Is there something I can do, either in my script,
or on my box, that will cause this to simply print to the default
printer without the print dialog box?

> Here's my JS function ('View' is the name of the bottom frame in the
> frameset):
> function PrintCertificate()
> 	{
> 	parent['View'].focus();
> 	parent['View'].print();
> 	alert('Certificate sent to printer.');
> 	parent.opener.location.reload();
> 	parent.opener.focus();
> 	parent.close();
> 	}

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