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David T-G davidtg-thelist at justpickone.org
Fri May 7 10:49:48 CDT 2004

Joshua, et al --
...and then Joshua Olson said...
% A lot of people have suggested using individual bits to represent the state
% of the flags.  While I agree that this is a very fundamental way to store
% these values, computationally speaking, I wouldn't agree that this is the
% correct way to proceed.
% These sorts of systems are great IF you can promise that the number of
% options won't change--such as the permissions flags for *nix.  If the number

He never said that they would, so they officially won't :-)

% of options DO change, or may change, then you will want to look at more
% traditional relationship cross-referencing table schemas.

Agreed, but if you do that then you certainly needn't try to store the
data in some packed form in a single field, either, and the whole thing
becomes moot.

I agree with your point and would not, myself, bother with such an
approach but instead go with a properly normalized schema, but just
leaving it at that wouldn't get the question answered :-)

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Hey, cool; I'm just next door (relatively speaking) in Atlanta! :-)


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