[thelist] Lotus Notes - Domino Designer

Feingold Josh S Josh.S.Feingold at irs.gov
Fri May 7 12:27:32 CDT 2004

I know I am coming in the middle of this and know nothing about your

However, just out of curiosity, why can't you just say that there are
languages such as PHP and CF and ASP and JSP that were created specficially
to develop web applications.  If you are going to learn something new stick
with a technology that is geared towards what you are trying to do.
Otherwise, you are in for some frustrating times when your applications just
can't do what you need them to do. 

> their outside consultant is a Notes/Domino developer. 

But their full time employee is an experienced web developer!  

BTW, the transition from ASP to PHP is not that hard.  It is well documented
and there are plenty of places to get help.  Plus it is free, not an MS
product which your boss will like, and can run on most common webservers.

Plus, experience as a domino developer isn't really going to help you
getting web design postions all that much down the road.  Perhaps you can
get a job as a domino developer, though.  

Good luck!

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