[thelist] Legally binding emails [was:] Outlook feature that can bite back

David T-G davidtg at justpickone.org
Fri May 7 10:59:01 CDT 2004

Michael, et al --

...and then Michael Pemberton said...
% It doesn't give my much confidence when they insist that all CVs sent to 
% them are required to be in a Word format and not in a format that is 
% more open to protection such as PDF.  Who's to say that they are not 
% "making notes" on my CV before they send it to an employer?

Indeed it doesn't.  Aside from the usual gamut of stripping all of
my contact info off of the resume so that the client can't go around
the pimp^H^H^H^Hrecruiter to get to me directly, I've had my resume
mysteriously augmented on numerous occasions.  I remember discovering,
upon applying for my first position in the corporate world, that I
had singlehandedly run over 5000 Novell PCs at my school.  Wow :-)

I don't know what makes an email legally binding, but I sure as heck
won't stand behind (or up for) anything that I don't sign with a
digital signature just like on this email.  In fact, I digitally sign
every single piece of mail I send; if it isn't signed, it ain't from
me (no, not necesarily a perfect defense, but character witnesses
have been instrumental in defenses since the the earliest arguments).

In general, not only can you not control but you should probably not
worry about what someone will do with your email once he gets it (or
with the one he fabricates out of thin air or spoof-sends as you)
since the matter is entirely out of your control.

% -- 
% Michael Pemberton
% evolt at mpember.net.au


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