[thelist] PC: CPU running at 95-100%?

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Fri May 7 23:34:13 CDT 2004

Try to determine what services are living inside the svchost.exe that is
chewing up all the CPU:

Alterternatively, try stopping a few non-essential services to see if that
helps isolate the problem.
Anything in the Windows Event Logs?

Lastly, I suggest you try a dedicated Windows group, rather than this one. I
think I've mentioned:
this list before.


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: Hey PC Experts, quick question. Lately my PC seems to be taking a
: long time to do things (launch programs, the like). Every time I open
: up the task manager and look at performance, the CPU is running at
: 90-100% *constantly*.
: This doesn't seem right. When I look at the processes, its
: SVCHOST.exe that is taking up the time.
: Is this normal? I've scanned for viruses, spyware but none.

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