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David T-G davidtg-thelist at justpickone.org
Sun May 9 05:55:05 CDT 2004

Justin --

...and then Justin Zachan said...
% Hi there. I have recently built a couple of flash only websites. I have


% submitted them to Google and other search engines. I do know that flash only
% websites don't do so well for search engines.

Ewww....  Yes, indeed.

% Does anyone out there have any suggestions or methods etc to improve search
% engine stuff for flash only websites.

1) Don't create that kind of site :-)

2) You know, not everyone likes or even *has* flash.  All you're doing is
excluding possible customers of your customer(s).  Don't do that.

3) At the very least, make sure your keywords and descriptions are good,
but add some HTML, visible or not, to the pages to give the search engines
something to chew.  If it's all one page with one big flash file on it,
then add all of the HTML that would apply for any of those flash files to
that lone page.

4) Not only should all of your pages link to each other (a text-only site
index at the page footer is a great way to ensure this), but as many other
pages as you can arrange should link to you, too; google loves popularity.

5) Finally, it does take quite a while to get into google's directory
(from dmoz) or search list.  I found that yahoo picked up


long before google did.

% Flash is a nice design tool, but customers get a little frustrated when they
% are not on Google, especially when there name is quite unique!!

I can imagine!

% Thanks in advance
% Cheers
% Justin


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