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Hi Justin,

We do a fair amount of flash sites where I work, usually for other designers
or photographers whose content really comes to life with flash. These sites
generally have very little text content anyway, therefore would not really
do any better with Google if they were done in HTML.

I have generally improved search engine results by having some HTML content
on the index page (often a database-driven series of news items) as well as
relevant keywords in the form of an intro paragraph, contact information,
etc. - just the basic stuff. Then I create a fairly prominent 'enter' button
which launches the actual flash site. Craft your page title carefully and
use alt text on any images that appear on this page. Make sure the site's
name appears at least once in the body text.

The index page can also have a few less prominent looking links to a couple
of other HTML-only pages, if you have specific text that needs to be
indexed. These can be designed in a user-friendly way in case a human being
actually clicks the links.

Search for 'pivot' on google. You should see PIVOT DESIGN at the bottom of
the first page of the results. Not bad for a flash-only site (even I was


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Hi there. I have recently built a couple of flash only websites. I have
submitted them to Google and other search engines. I do know that flash only
websites don't do so well for search engines.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions or methods etc to improve search
engine stuff for flash only websites.

Flash is a nice design tool, but customers get a little frustrated when they
are not on Google, especially when there name is quite unique!!

Thanks in advance



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