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David T-G davidtg-thelist at justpickone.org
Sun May 9 11:22:30 CDT 2004

Kasimir --

...and then Kasimir K said...
% David T-G wrote:
% >2) You know, not everyone likes or even *has* flash.  All you're doing is
% >excluding possible customers of your customer(s).  Don't do that.
% I have to disagree a bit.

Please do :-)

% It is true that not everyone likes flash - but it is also true that 
% there are many, who like it very much, and keep their plug ins up to 
% date. If these people are a sites target audience, it would be foolish 
% not to use flash on that site.

I didn't say to not use flash at all.  While I happen to have an
irrationally strong dislike for it, I recognize its place.

But a flash-only site is next to useless if it must be found (versus,
say, being part of a corporate intranet where the visitors will be led
to it by other means), because the search engines won't be able to point
you there.

% Of course the opposite applies too: if a site's target audience has 
% considerable amount of those who dislike flash, then flash shouldn't be 
% used, or at least alternatives should be provided.

I'm firmly in the 'alternatives' camp.  I imagine that there are fairly
few places where it just plain shouldn't be there.

% We have to remember that with flash we can do many things that would be 
% difficult or impossible otherwise. But as any good tool, flash too is 
% not the right choice for every situation.


% .kasimir

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