[thelist] google and other search engines

Lauri Vain lauri_lists at tharapita.com
Sun May 9 12:03:08 CDT 2004

Hey Justin, 

> Does anyone out there have any suggestions or methods etc to 
> improve search engine stuff for flash only websites.

If you absolutely must do Flash only websites, then do a "non flash"
site as well (be aware - it's almost twice the work for no additional
benefit to anyone) with a HTML link to it from the main site. 
Flash only sites are generally a major no-no in the web business (unless
your client ordered a Flash movie/Flash site to have as a part of their
existing HTML site... for example, a campaign site/movie is sometimes a
relatively good use of Flash, provided that there is mention of the
campaign in the existing HTML part of the site somewhere as well... or
mention of it is not needed). 

When building a general website for a company, have the site/content in
HTML, the menu also with HTML for good indexing (using CSS/DHTML for the
menu is sufficient and well lives up to Flash, even when you have to use
advanced animation), and animate the header (and other non-content and
non-navigation parts of the visual layout) with Flash. Moderation is the


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