[thelist] Warning about your e-mail account.

liorean liorean at f2o.org
Sun May 9 15:48:00 CDT 2004

Damien COLA wrote:
> Nice one, open the attachment and your computer is infected with a real
> virus this time.. ;-)
> What I also like it's the hoaxes that tell : A new virus has been found,
> heck on your computer for the file XXXXX.exe, it has an icon of YYYYYY.
> If you have it, DONT OPEN IT ! select it and delete it immediatly. And
> don't forget to alert ALL your contacts because they all can have it, if
> YOU have it.
> ahaha very fun, but what's the point really ?

It's the newest generation of human engineering based viri. theList is 
not hte only mailinglist that has gotten them, some of the W3C 
mailinglists were/are pestered with them as well. 

I just find it sad that this message was let through. A mailinglist like 
this one should be able to keep mails with attachments in quarantine 
until looked at, or maybe just discard them with a note to the sender.

David "liorean" Andersson

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