[thelist] Warning about your e-mail account.

raditha dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Sun May 9 20:02:08 CDT 2004

Allen Schaaf wrote:

> At 01:30 PM 5/9/04, administration at evolt.org wrote:
>> Dear user, the  management of Evolt.org mailing system  wants to let  
>> you know that,
>> Our antivirus software has detected a large ammount of  viruses 
>> outgoing from your email account,  you may use  our free anti-virus  
>> tool to clean up your computer  software.
>> For details  see the attach.
> No attachment, and I doubt the viruses are coming from my machine.
> I run three anti-virus and spybot detection programs almost everyday 
> and am behind two firewalls with outbound protection as well.
> I also have a fixed IP so if you send me a copy of one of the posts 
> (without the virus, please) I'll be happy to do what I can to trace 
> down the actual source.
No need to worry this is a probably a joe job, the sender and reply to 
have obviously been faked. Just use the del button.

Raditha Dissanayake.
SFTP, FTP and HTTP File Upload solutions 

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