[thelist] traffic volume defined?

Business A2Z info at punterspower.co.uk
Sun May 9 02:49:02 CDT 2004

Hi All

Here is one I am yet to find any real definition for and equally important
defined paramerters for measuring such labels.  The labels are within this
statement ->

'as with all critical web scripts, the following script will only function on
small to medium-sized web sites'  This statement is from a PHP MySQL shopping
cart class decription.

The labels I am referring to are 'small to medium-sized web sites'

What would be considered a reasonable flow of traffic before we move up a gear
and start to consider whether the sites structure is adequately fulfilling
visitor satisfation in delivery speeds and what is measuring this?  I alway
assumed the server coupled with efficient code would handle large volumes of
traffic?  Which would mean that PHP and MySQl could be used for larger sites too
and not just 'small to medium-sized web sites'

Any views or links would be good :)


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