[thelist] google and other search engines

ben morrison ben at benjer.demon.co.uk
Sun May 9 06:35:56 CDT 2004

On 9 May 2004, at 09:59, Justin Zachan wrote:

> Does anyone out there have any suggestions or methods etc to improve 
> search
> engine stuff for flash only websites.

the following will help:
good keywords and description,
place all the external links from your flash app in a comment tag
put the copy from the flash site in a comment tag
use the noembed tag to insert structured (h1, p etc) html of the 
important copy

when you publish your flash file you should have the comment tags there 
to update
<!-- urls used in the movie -->
<!-- text used in the movie -->

apart from building a text only version of the site, this seems to be 
the best you can do.


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