[thelist] Shrink wrapping a div?

Tim Beadle tsb at wigner.ioppublishing.com
Mon May 17 06:12:59 CDT 2004

On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 10:34:02AM -0500, Sam-I-Am wrote:
> >>I didn't see a good answer to this.
> >>div { float: left; } will have the shrink-wrap effect you're looking for.
> >
> >Not if you follow the specs, which say that floats have to have a set, 
> >or  atleast implied, width.
> again, the gulf between what specs say and browsers do. Try it, you 
> might like it.

IE5 on the Mac (not a majority browser by any means, I know) doesn't like 
floated divs without a set width.

Just my 2 [insert local currency]'s worth.

"That said, it would be kind of fun if a group of angry, pitch fork waving 
villagers with over-bites turned up every time a table was used for 
presentation purposes."  Neil, comment at Mezzoblue

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