[thelist] PDF problems

Andrew Bayley andrew at arcticcircle.co.za
Mon May 17 10:18:27 CDT 2004

i am not sure how complex the pdf's are that you are trying to create, but I
have found a great little app called pdf995.  It installs as a printer on
your system, so you simply print the document to a pdf file.  It works from
all apps, and is free.  It opens your browser to an ad page on their site
every time you use it, but it isn't a major issue, (unless you plan to make
a lot of pdf's i suppose)


Hello all,

I have been trying to convert a document to PDF using Adobe Acrobat so I can
put it online and am having trouble.

When I do the conversion, some of the items in my document just don't appear
in the PDF version!  Lines that are the borders of a table cell, or even
text.  This happens with both Word and Excel conversions.

I am on Windows 98 using Word and Excel 2000 which I think is the culprit -
I've seen this happen from another computer using WinME and Office 2000, and
it wasn't happening on my computer when I was using Office 97.  I cannot
upgrade to the latest version of Acrobat because it is only compatible with
Windows 98 *SE*.

Has anyone experienced this happening before?  Have any suggestions how I
might fix/stop it?

Many, many thanks,

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