[thelist] Not declaring image dimensions

Howard Scott howard at image100.com
Mon May 17 10:37:32 CDT 2004

As far as I am aware Clive, it basically means that the browser has to ³look
inside² the image and work out how to render it on the page, at the size it
wants to be, rather than just relying on the source code in the HTML, and
doing it at X x Y.

Whether this makes a difference on fast computers like those we have today I
wouldn¹t be sure.  But I think back in the old days (ooh ­ years ago!) ;)
It would have possibly been an issue.

I **think** I am right.

But don¹t roast me if I am not :)


On 17/5/04 4:27 pm, "Clive R Sweeney" <clive at designshift.com> wrote:

> It's become second nature now to *always* include the height and width
> for images, but what is the downside of not including dimension
> attributes in an image tag? Is it that the page will load more slowly
> and that the page display will change as the images load? Or is there
> more to it than that?
> ::. clive
> Clive R Sweeney
> Durham, North Carolina



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