[thelist] Dynamic Flash

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Mon May 17 11:12:46 CDT 2004

[Warning: I know nothing about Flash. Nothing!]


I've been poking, on and off, at a javascript scrolling news ticker 
thingmajigit. I'm coming to the conclusion that getting the thing to work 
in javascript, cross browser, is pretty tough, and indeed, from what I can 
see across the web, nigh on impossible. I see a flash one instead, though, 


Which looks like it will dodge all the nasty crossbrowser issues, and have 
about as much market penetration as js anyway - if not more.

HOWEVER. We want to be able to offer this to affiliates to put on their own 
pages, with content flowing in from our site, and if someone clicks a link 
from that page, we need the affiliate id to go with it.

Here's the question:

Is it possible to put the affiliate number in the code used to place it on 
the affiliate's page, and have that number used in the flash itself? Like 
feeding parameters to a script?


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