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Adrian Gonzales adrian at clearspanmedia.com
Mon May 17 14:51:59 CDT 2004

Now, Chris' statement is not hard fact. But, it is true if we are
talking about people without 20 years of programming experience.

1) Since the CF syntax is easier to understand and remember, you have to
spend less time referring back to the manual, tracking down closing
braces and there really are several examples of fewer steps in creating
the same code. Hence saved time. And since it is tag based, digging
through mixed HTML and CF is pretty easy, allowing you to keep mental of
track the page easier.

2) Better error reporting. There is nothing that frustrates me more with
PHP than getting an error and not being able to find it and/or actually
know what it is. CF has incredibly verbose error reporting that almost
always tells you exactly where and what the problem is.

3) As ironic as it may seem, there is CF Script which allows you to do
most cf functions in a c-style script environment, so that lets more
experienced programmers work faster on certain elements.

4) Dreamweaver is an awesome IDE for Cold Fusion. Its support of CF
allows you to work fairly quickly. People whine about the fact that
since it is macromedia, of course its going to be great support, but it
is to their credit that they support their own products so well.
Dreamweaver has great syntax highlighting, code completion, tag help,
built in reference and all kinds of things that make it great for
working with CF. And since several of those features work for PHP, ASP,
JSP, and some others, it just makes DW a great tool all around.

5) Outsourcing. Since you don't need programmers with 20 years of
experience, hiring help is cheaper and quicker. In fact, its so easy,
you can even train in house people to do it pretty easily.

Now, if you are a master at PHP or Perl or something, you may be able to
get a project done pretty quickly. So in that respect, CF may not save
you any time. But for the majority of us who are not masters, CF gives
us huge power that would otherwise take us much longer and more effort
to harness.

I hope that answers your questions.

Adrian Gonzales Jr.
Creative Director
Clear Span Media

Paul Bennett wrote:

Chris Hayes wrote:
>Develop sites from scratch in a tenth the time of alternatives.
really? Justify please?

(not trolling, I'm a PHP programmer and a CF know-nothing)

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